Who we are?

We believe what Leo Tolstoy once said-
“Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling that artist has experienced.”
We believe there is so much potential for generating employment and empowering the hardworking artists and save our art forms and craftsmanship.
Ramanika’ I would like to introduce as a younger sibling of a small business started in Rishikesh for selling hand woven, hand printed, hand painted dupattas and hand crafted jewelry procured directly from artisans across India.
For our current collection we associated with 47 weavers directly and going forward we will be associated with many more.
We will bring to you the authentic and the best of crafts from rural India.
At Ramanika, we are planning to include fabulous collection of sarees & dupattas from different parts of India including Baluchari, Bomkai & Jamdani from Bengal, Banarsi  from Uttar Pradesh, Bandhani / Bandhej from Rajasthan & Gujarat, Iikkat & Bomkai from Orissa,  Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh and much more at attractive prices.  Apart from sarees & dupattas, you’ll also get to buy from here the different crafts procured from all over India.
We will strive to present the unique and high quality craftsmanship including apparel, accessories, jewelry, home décor and much more.
We have a long way to go and we believe that the journey is going to be enlightening and rewarding for Ramanika and everybody associated with it.

Our story

Our founder, Anuradha is an alumni from NIIFT. She has worked as a consultant with a leading apparel consultancy which works nationally and internationally for improving garment industry.
She is passionate about the Indian handloom and handicrafts which led her to extensively research on different crafts of India for years. Her love for these crafts has led her to her dream project “Ramanika.”

She believes each handloom product which garners appreciation is the appreciation for the craftsmanship that went into making that product, the choice of colors of yarn used, the technique of weave used and the intricacy of handwork on it, it is actually the appreciation of the craftsman, the artist. Her belief lead to the idea of empowering the humble weavers around India and thus 'Ramanika' came into existence.


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